nityaprakash's Blog (April 2014)

Manipulating Data in ADO-NET DataTable

 02-Apr-2014   nityaprakash     ADO.NET 

I have been using ADO.NET for long time and using quite often, as it is required to connect to database in .NET. However, I came across few features recently while studying. I haven't used them so far. I am sharing those features related data manipulations...

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Code First database migration in Entity Framework

 06-Apr-2014   nityaprakash     EntityFramework 

This post explains how to do code first database migration works with Entity Framework. I like to work. There are some time require to group some set of entities and want to migrate separately. For example, I usually group User related...

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Basic Parallel Programming

 19-Apr-2014   nityaprakash     TPL  ChildTask  ChildTask 

Parallel programming is now become a basic or can be said essential now days. Everywhere it is being used. It is time to Learn it properly and start using for faster task execution. Computers now more powerful and occupied with multi-core processor...

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Canceling long running task

 26-Apr-2014   nityaprakash     TPL 

When long running task is under process, this is a good idea of providing cancellation feature. However it is bit odd but still a useful feature. For example in windows copy process is running in different thread but User Interface provide a feature...

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