Azure Virtual Machine – Basics

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In this article we will discuss about Azure Virtual Machine basics. How to create Virtual Machine on azure. How to access the virtual machine, networking, NSG and virtual machine disks. Will also deploy Window based and Unix based machine. Install web server on those server and try to access from outside.

Create Windows Virtual Machine

Below video will demo how to create virtual machine on azure portal. And important notes are explain below the video.

Basic Tab

  • Every resource should have resource group
  • Each region has availability zone and we can have max 3 zone in each datacenter.
  • There are various size of VMs and chose based on feature you want on the VM. Confirm if that size is available for selected zone.
  • If we select “Run with Azure Spot discount”, it means this VM can use unused available capacity to increase the performance. But no guarantees.


  • Encryption at host is only possible if we register the option at subscription level.
  • Disk will be encrypted with Platform-managed key unless customer-managed key is provided. Key will be stored in secure key vault.


  • Every VM or resource must be part of virtual network. You can have multiple virtual network for the organization.
  • Every machine can have public and private IP address. There will be always private network, public is not mandatory.
  • We have to open multiple inbound port to access the machine with different way. RDP (3389) for RDP. port 80 or 443 if we install the webserver and want to access the website with HTTP or HTTPS protocols
  • Load balancing option can be selected if this VM is going to host the any web application and will not be accessed directly, instead will be access via load balancer or Application gateway.


  • Extensions allows to install some feature when VM being provisioned. We don’t need to RDP to machine and install manually.
  • We can provide custom script and data when machine being provisioned.


  • We can tag the VMs. It help to segregate or check the costs.